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Here at Blackburn Family Dental Care, our highest priority is to provide you and your family with a lifetime of oral health and comfort. We feel prevention is better than cure. With up-to-date preventative dentistry, we help to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe from all forms of dental threats.

When visiting your general dentist regularly, you protect yourself from tooth loss, gum disease, dental decay, toothaches/pain and expensive procedures. Our general dentistry services help you to maintain your teeth, gums and jawbones for as long as possible. At Blackburn Family Dental Care, our dentists will treat you like family. They will educate you about appropriate home care for your teeth and gums.

Checkup and Cleanings

Having a teeth checkup and cleaning at least once every 6 months is essential for whole body health. Our friendly dentists will do a comprehensive check on the TMJ, the oral tissues, the gums, and the teeth. This maintenance appointment usually takes 30 minutes.

Dental diseases are known to be risk factors for strokes, heart disease, oral cancers and diabetes. Our experienced dentists are trained to detect signs of dental diseases. The appointment also includes a gentle teeth cleaning session. This enables us to remove plaque and tartar that you are unable to remove at home with everyday brushing and flossing.

Preventive Treatments

We offer fluoride treatments that can effectively strengthen your teeth against tooth decay, acid attack from common foods, as well as sensitivity. The fluoride treatments that are provided for each patient are individualised depending on each patient’s decay risk and needs. A fluoride treatment will reduce your risk of painful tooth decay.

Dental sealants are another preventative treatment modality utilised to smooth out the the rough irregularities of the top of the larger back teeth. Dental sealants are especially used in children, as sometimes they find it hard to effectively brush the back of their teeth. A sealant is a quick procedure which does not require any anaesthetic, and it prevents more expensive fillings later. In some cases, adults may also benefit from the protective coverage of sealants.

Safeguard you and your child’s teeth by giving us a call at Blackburn Family Dental Care on (03) 98772589


Here at Blackburn Family Dental care, we use the latest tooth-coloured filing materials. Cavities and chipping of teeth are common in children and adults. Modern tooth-coloured fillings have good strength and are suitable for repairing decayed or damaged teeth.

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Conveniently positioned for patients seeking cosmetic dental bonding in Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Nunawading, Mitcham, Vermont, Forest Hill, Canterbury & Surrey Hills. Our Blackburn North Dental Clinic is next to Blackburn station via the Belgrave or Lilydale line. Walk towards Main St (2 minutes) and you will see a light blue signage.

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