As an experienced and reputable dental clinic offering orthodontics in Blackburn, our qualified team endeavours to provide you with exceptional treatments that improve your overall quality of life. We are passionate about delivering high-quality services to you and your family based on your individual circumstances in a safe and comfortable environment.

Crooked teeth are a common dental problem experienced by over half of Australia’s population. Our dental team have years of experience working with patients of all ages, ranging from children through to adults. Teeth move and shift while we grow, so you’re never too old to achieve your perfect smile. No matter what orthodontic treatment you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to help you at Blackburn Family Dental Care practice.

Traditional braces

As one of the most commonly known teeth straightening options, traditional fixed braces are recommended for those with serious alignment issues. Suitable for patients of all ages, fixed braces are fixed to the front (or cheek side) of the teeth. Metal braces consist of brackets that are typically made of stainless steel and affixed to the patient’s teeth. Wires are then threaded through slots in the brackets to connect them, exerting a constant, yet gentle force to properly align the teeth.

Clear aligners

Comfortable and discreet, clear aligners are removable appliances customised to the teeth of patients who require minor corrections. A virtually invisible way to straighten teeth, clear aligners are a popular option for many of our patients. Similar to fixed braces, clear aligners gradually adjust the position of your teeth over time. However, a key difference between the two treatments is that clear aligners are more subtle and will not be noticed unless viewed extremely closely. In fact, you can easily remove them when you have meals, clean them or attend special occasions. Blackburn Family Dental Care offers several different brands of clear aligners, namely Invisalign, Angelalign and ClearCorrect.

Early treatment

During adulthood, although most alignment can be achieved with conventional means of traditional braces or aligners, some severe cases will require additional adjunctive treatments on top of these, such as additional extractions and/or orthognathic surgery (jaw correction surgery).

Often, such drastic measures can be avoided by commencing treatment earlier, if there is intervention during the formative stages of growth and development of the jaws. Typically, an orthodontic assessment can be as early as 7- 9, to address bad habits and potential causes of malaligned teeth. It is also during these earlier years that growth can still be encouraged. For instance, growth of the upper jaw slows down roughly around age 12.

In some cases, it may be recommended to start treatment early. This is also known under a few other names such as: interceptive orthodontics, early treatment, or phase 1 treatment.

Please consult your dentist/orthodontist with regard to your child, if this treatment is suited for them. 

Orthodontic Treatments For All Ages

For children, typically the best age to start orthodontic treatment is early as mentioned before. Sometimes as early as 7 to 9 years of age, a general assessment of your child’s teeth even earlier can also prevent complex ortho treatment. Ie. If a child’s tooth decays and subsequently needs to be extracted, this baby tooth is lost earlier than when it is supposed to be lost, teeth can move into that space and pose problems later (eg. Malignment). For this reason, we do recommend having regular checkups for younger children as well. Interventions such as space maintainers may be necessary to maintain the space where that tooth was lost, preventing other teeth from moving into that space.   

These days, orthodontic treatments can be done at any age. While it is generally recommended that these treatments take place while the patient is undergoing physical growth, the latest developments in technology have allowed for more adult orthodontic treatments – so achieving your perfect smile is possible no matter your age.

Our dental specialists are more than happy to take you through the options that are best suited to your needs.


The following are answers to the most commonly asked questions for those considering orthodontic treatment;

Can my child play contact sports with braces?

Yes, but a specialised mouthguard designed for braces may be necessary. Made from medical grade silicon and customised to fit the mould of your braces and brackets, a mouthguard will adapt to changes in the mouth structure as teeth adjust, offering maximum comfort and protection.

Are braces painful?

The fitting of braces is generally painless at the time of placement, though you may feel a small amount of discomfort a day or so after placement as the wires try to move teeth into their memory state arch form. Subsequent wire changes (normally a thicker wire as time goes on) can also exert more torque on the teeth and you may feel discomfort during each wire change and adjustment as your teeth, gums, cheeks, and mouth adapt to your new braces.

How much do braces cost?

No two orthodontic problems are the same. As such, the cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of the case presented as well as the treatment required. Costs will be discussed in full following the initial consultation. Cost is normally proportional to the length of treatment required. However, once the cost is agreed upon, and subsequent visits are even after the estimated time of finish date will be covered by the agreed value. Retainers are worn for life. As a general rule, in the first year after finishing, any damage or wear and tear to retainers will be covered.

How long do I have to wear my braces?

The amount of time spent in braces will vary, depending on the individual patient. Treatment times can take anywhere from 6 to 30 months, but most standard treatments last about 18 months.

Will braces affect my speech?

Most patients don’t notice a big difference in their speech once they’re wearing braces. Those that do have reported that it only takes a week or two to get back to normal speech.

Will my teeth be extracted before I get the braces?

At Blackburn Family Dental Care, we do our very best to avoid the extraction of permanent healthy teeth. There are, however, cases where there is severe crowding or in cases of enlarged teeth where extractions may be unavoidable.

Other than for aesthetic purposes, should I bother with braces?

Generally speaking, straighter teeth are easier to clean and reach. This in turn reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. In some cases, certain bites may also have the tendency to increase the risk of joint problems such as pain or dysfunction.

Another reason for staring braces is to prepare the room for other tooth replacement options. For instance, an individual may have had a gap for many years. This might have allowed adjacent teeth to tilt or move into these gaps, opening up food traps or spaces that cannot be replaced by an implant or denture. Sometimes braces are recommended to correct the tilt of teeth or to move teeth back to their original position to prepare for further restorative treatments to replace the gaps

Why choose Blackburn Family Dental Care

We understand how important it is to choose the right dentist for you and your family. If you’re looking for reliable family orthodontics services, look no further than Blackburn Family Dental Care.

We make it our top priority to take the time needed to provide personalised care and service in a comfortable and relaxing environment. With over a combined 65 years of experience, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional orthodontic care that is both patient-focused and cost-effective to deliver optimum results.

We also offer a complimentary orthodontic consultation as part of your child’s check-up, so you can discuss any queries and concerns you may have. For more information on family orthodontics in Blackburn, please make a booking or call us at (03) 98772589.

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