Due to the recent COVID-19 developments in Victoria, victorian government now mandates that all dental practices move to only provide Emergency dental services from Friday, 5th August midnight.

As a result, all non-urgent dental care has been rescheduled to a later date until proposed lockdown measures have been lifted.

What does this mean for patients at Blackburn Family Dental Care? We are still here to help you with your oral health but can only see the following:

✅  Pain as a result from fractures, trauma, or tooth decay.
✅  Abscess or infections in the oral cavity including gums, teeth and bone.
✅  Emergency dental trauma relating to accidental trauma.
✅  Dental conditions which may contribute negatively to systemic diseases.
✅  Medically necessary dental treatment prior to medical/surgical procedures that cannot be delayed as requested by your medical professional.

The new imposed restrictions also mean the suspension and deferment of services of routine dentistry work: check-ups, cleaning, crown and bridge, cosmetic work, implant and orthodontics appointments.Wherever possible, under the new restrictions, patients will be screened to determine if symptoms require urgent dental care. Our dentists will speak to you and advise on whether you could manage the condition at home; whether to come in or or refer you in to the appropriate place for treatment.

If you feel like you have a dental emergency, or have any other queries please contact us today on 📞(03) 9877 2589 or leave a message in our messaging system on our website 🌐www.blackburnfamilydentalcare.com.au Or email us on 📬 enquiries@blackburnfamilydentalcare.com.au

The phones, emails and website messaging will be closely monitored.